June 2nd: National Rocky Road Day


I figured since I work in an ice cream shop that ice cream holidays are kind of essential.  Plus it is ice cream… who the hell doesn’t like some sort of frozen or cold treat?

Rocky Road ice cream, for those who are unfamiliar with the flavor, is chocolate ice cream with marshmallow swirl and almonds.  However the original, which was created during the Great Depression, was made with walnuts.  The creator was William Dreyer, the founder of Dreyer ice cream.  I would assume the name Rocky Road is based on the Depression because it was a rocky road.  I haven’t had Rocky Road in forever. We don’t sell it at the shop, even though it is considered one the most popular ice cream flavors. But not the top five, which are: Vanilla, chocolate, Neapolitan, cookies n’ cream, and butter pecan. Pretty sure that’s what I heard.

Also, today is National Bubba Day! So shout out to all you Bubbas out there! Happy Bubba Day! Personally I don’t know any Bubbas, except like Bubba Crosby, the baseball player. But I don’t think his real name is Bubba and I don’t know where he is these days. He was on the Yankees a few years back. Oh! Also George Strait’s son, his name is Bubba I think… he is actually really hot. Just sayin’. Thanks George.


So if you know any Bubbas, today would be a great day to appreciate their existence; maybe with some flowers, candy, a hug, a bro-hug double back tap, or maybe some Rocky Road ice cream. Your choice.


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