June 4th: National Hug Your Cat Day


(Top row: Gracie and Stitch, Bottom row: Maxx and Binx)

National Hug Your Cat Day! Woooo! My Kitty Kitty, Gracie Lou!!! Well we have four cats, it’s just that Gracie loves me more than the other three. Stitch kinda just likes everyone, when he wants to get up and move… and if you have food. Haha I love Stitches. He’s been doing really well since his diet. I actually saw him gallop after Gracie the other day. Cutest thing ever. He really does like his food though. Ever had a 25 lb cat push you out of the way even before his food hits his bowl, he is on top of that shit. Whenever he doesn’t have food he steals the dog’s food! Bodie just stands there and watches Stitch. Mainly because he knows if he charges Stitch, well Stitch will probably bitch slap him. The other two felines, Maxx and Thackery Binx, they are brothers and probably the best example of complete opposites. Maxx is mainly white and an attention whore. While Binx , he’s black and well he either doesn’t like anyone or he is terrified of us. He is just an adorable bundle of joy.

Now Gracie, she’s my kind of cat. She’s the queen and she knows it. If I’m crying, she is there. If I’m sick, she is there. Pretty sure she is psychic too. Like I can just literally say her name in my head and then she miraculously appears in front of me. She sometimes reminds me of a raptor… and also that one dinosaur from Jurassic Park that is super stealth and spits black stuff in that guy’s face. She also can be a bitch for me. It’s weird. She’s my home-girl and she knows what’s up. I’m not ashamed to say that I love my cat. I love me cat.

Another ice cream holiday today is National Frozen Yogurt Day! Mmmm… currently at B&F we have vanilla and black raspberry. Funny thing about black raspberry. Most of the time customers order black raspberry, hard or soft, they always ask “it is not just raspberry, right? It’s black raspberry?” I want to be like yeahhhhh that’s what the menu out there says. I mean seriously, it says black in front of it. No, we just put it there so you think that it’s not black raspberry… haha seriously. Gotta love the ice cream business, gotta love it.

Have you hugged your cat today?





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