June 5th: National Go Fly A Kite Day


Who doesn’t enjoy flying a kite? It’s frustrating as hell to get started, but it is definitely worth the struggle.  I can’t understand why people don’t fly kites as much anymore.  I couldn’t help but smile the whole time and even afterwards. It is a bit of a nostalgic feeling.

It was pretty awesome flying the kite. It was extremely windy so… the kite was very dangerous.  After multiple crash landings, almost acquiring minor injuries to the face, and very close to losing my car keys, we were finally able to get the kite in the sky.  And because it was so windy the kite turned into one of those fighter kites.

How awesome would it be to join a kite fighting league? Kimberly and I would make an awesome team. Here are some rules for kite fighting.  In some areas, a sort of knife is positioned on the tail of the kite and in order to win you have to cut the opponents kite line.  But when the competition contains multiple player, it is basically last man standing. Umm, this type of competition does not take place in the US.

However, the way that it is played here in the US is the line touch method. Courtesy of the North American Fighter Kite Association (http://nafka.net/rules/), here are the US championship rules.

line-touch rules
the general basics that are common to all line touch rules are:
– there are 2 competitors, it’s a one-on-one style of competition
– the distance the competitors stand from each other is determined, either by agreement in casual games, or by the rules in more serious competitions
– they are both standing with their backs to the wind.
– after each flyer’s kite is in the air and in a neutral position, either top or bottom is yelled by one of the flyers in a casual competition or by a judge in a more serious one.
– the yelling of top or bottom starts the battle for the point between the opponents.
– the first flyer to maneuver their flying line so it touches the opponent’s flying line from the direction of the called point; either from on top or from under or bottom wins one point.
– a flyer whose kite touches the ground before the completion of a point loses that point.
– most matches are 3-7 points. the flyer with the most points at the end of the match is declared the winner.

Damn… I wan to join.

Get out there and go fly a kite today! You won’t regret it… unless some how the line gets caught on your car keys and you lose grip on the handle and you almost lose your keys and kite.  Otherwise, it’s great fun!!!


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