June 6th: National Yo-yo Day


That’s right. You know you wanna bust out the ol’ yo-yo and start showing off your badassness. I know I did. The one trick that I was really, really, really, really good at was when you whip the yo-yo down and it just keeps spinning, sounding like a saw, for like seven minutes… I was a pro. It’s called the Sleeper. Almost got recruited into the WWYF (World Wide Yo-Yo Federation), but they took back the offer due to the fact that my best yo-yo was made of pure gold and the string was woven unicorn hair. Apparently that’s unacceptable and I wasn’t going to get a new yo-yo.  So whatever.

Hey, apparently the yo-yo is one of the oldest toys in the world… true story. Those Ancient Greeks know how to have fun.

So go have fun! Be a kid! Show off those tricks! Like the Man on the Flying Trapeze, the Boingy Boing, the Man on the Flying Trapeze and his Brother, Skin the Gerbil, Spirit Bomb, Seasick, and Double Green Triangle. Or just do the Walking Dog.

Here’s some crazy ones.




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