June 7th: National Chocolate Ice Cream Day


WOOO! Ice Cream! Chocolate! Every time someone orders chocolate ice cream today, I shall wish them a happy National Chocolate Ice Cream day with a high five. Haha I wish I could record all the weird ass looks I am going to get.

I really tried to find the history of chocolate ice cream and where it appeared… but I had a hard time finding anything, aside from the fact that dogs can’t eat it. So if you know of any facts or whatnot, feel free to comment or contact me.

At B&F we carry Hershey’s in the ice cream side, but in the store we carry Hershey’s and Mercer’s (which is great ice cream).  I’m trying to think of the most memorable story I had about chocolate ice cream in my eight summers at B&F.  Most likely it was when a guy asked for a Creamsicle milkshake made with the chocolate soft serve.  I remember being kinda grossed out by it.  We use actual orange juice… and usually mixed with vanilla ice cream. This guy wanted chocolate though? Ugh. Not the greatest decision he could have made.

Chocolate ice cream is one of those thing that causes debates… Chocolate versus Vanilla.  Me, I don’t like conflict so I always go with the twist.


Go grab some chocolate, hard or soft, ice cream today and join in on the celebration… or just for a tasty treat.  It is always good with sprinkles! Happy National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!!!


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