June 8th: National Best Friend Day


What!? A whole other day that I get to verbally, digitally, emotionally, physically, and mentally appreciate and show my love for my best friend!? BEST DAY EVER!  I dedicate this entry and day to Kimberly, my sister. I was a pain in the arse growing up, but every relationship has their ups and downs. I think since then we have made up for those downs lol.


I have to say that every outing with her is bound to be eventful, full of awkwardness and laughter. No matter where. It is hard to decide who is more awkward. As for stories, I don’t even know where to begin. They range from camping, to college, to traveling well over 4,000 miles around the country… and flying over 3,470 miles across the Atlantic. We just see the most randomness shit. Every trip we come back with the strangest stories; only those kind of things that would only happen with us.

Random story. On our first solo trip to Nashville for the fourth of July in 2008, we decided to do the whole haunted city tour thing. Well, at the end of the tour we sat on the steps of a building that Hank Williams Sr. is said to haunt. The tour guide, Christopher, had his back to the street and he was speaking to us. This lady in a yellow Ford Mustang attempts to parallel park in front of this one car, the only car… on a hill. She backed up the hill… all the way until she literally hit the car behind her. Like she legit hit it, then pulled forward and parked. We all were watching this while Christopher was talking. This lady gets out in a super short skirt and freaking 9 inch heels. Kimberly and I just looked at each other. Only we would witness that.

Another, more recent one. We play this game at work when we are really bored, it’s a car game. We both choose two types of vehicles and we get a point if it drives past us. She had vehicles with ladders and delivery trucks. I had cop cars, motorcycles. Well, we see a truck with a ladder coming east bound on the Boulevard, buuuuut it decides to turn into a parking lot right before it was going to past us. We both Awwwww’ed in disbelief. Then, in a matter of seconds, I see a motorcycle coming out of the Byrne Dairy across from us, and I’m like yesssss, turn right, turn right! Nope. Turns left and heads west bound down the Boulevard. We both looked at each other in a ‘are you freaking kidding me!’ moment. How does that happen right after one another? Both of our vehicle choices! We should have given up then. Haha. Awwww man, good times.

Another great story happened when we took my cousin, Alyssa, to Yankee Stadium for the first time.  Aside from seeing a guy clearly urinating on the side of the thruway, we had an interesting adventure at a Pizza Hut in New Jersey.  We were sitting by a family; the parents and then like seven kids. One of the younger boys was running around and whatnot.  When they were getting ready to leave, the wife asks the husband where little ‘Tommy’ was? His reply: “I don’t know, he’s probably in the kitchen.” We chuckled a bit at that. However his next remark made it better, and it was directed at us. He goes walking past us on their way out, while holding a kid, and looks at us and simply says “Birth control.” Awwww man, Jersey.  Then finally, two days later, on our ride home we stopped at a rest stop. All four of us were wearing our Yankee t-shirts. I remember seeing this guy kinda watching us, and I know he left before us… like a few minutes before. Well we are backing out of our parking space, and this huge silver SUV comes out of nowhere and pulls up behind us, keeping us from backing out. That guy sticks his head out the window and yells to us with a smile, “How ’bout them Mets!?” Then drove away.  We were all like, are you freaking kidding me?!

Try watching a baseball game with us. We see the one thing that a normal person wouldn’t pay attention to because they are focused on the game. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching the game, but we see the same person out of over like 5oo people that are being showed on the screen in a pan out shot. Yeah, that big guy that is rubbing his tummy with his other arm around his girlfriend’s shoulders, who is giving that lady in front of her a horrible death wtf look while eating her fries. Yeah we saw that.

I really think we should have our own television show. Camera guys can follow us around catching our awkward awesomeness, and then another camera crew following the first camera crew around to catch their reactions to our weird situations. That part can be filmed like The Office. It would be a pretty successful show.

I know I was a pain in the arse growing up and you always felt this way…


but just so you know…


And also this very much explains my feelings… whenever you leave me


But this is how I feel when I know you are coming home and we get to hang out 🙂


Happy Best Friend Day, my love!!!! I can’t wait for Sisters’ Day!!!! More to come on our awesomeness.



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