June 9th: Profess Your Love Day


June 9th had to be one of the hardest holidays to find. Everywhere I looked it stated that it is Donald Duck’s Birthday. Fantastic. However, he’s not at the top of my list. So I looked somewhere else. Professor your love day… hey now, I can do that. But it is a long list of mainly actors and country singers. All of who can make any girl of any age go “daaaaammmmmmnnnnn!” Or I could just choose National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day. I think I will profess my love, thanks. Now, this is a judge free zone… for today.

In no particular order:

Luke Bryan: I don’t know how to put this in to words… but “hot daaaammmmnnn.” God Bless Georgia. tumblr_maf06krzOf1ruu4q2o3_500

(if he doesn’t move… I would highly suggest clicking… you’re welcome)

Easton Corbin: Freaking adorable.


Jeremy Renner: Uhhh blue eyes.  Can’t stop staring at him. tumblr_inline_mjxauaZ0Gs1qz4rgp

Adam Levine: Umm, he should be illegal.  Like, I can’t.  Everything… just everything.  He definitely shouldn’t stand next to Luke… pretty sure every girl in the world would die. tumblr_mhv6jshGvS1s0e63zo4_250tumblr_mlaimjaYly1rihmdbo5_250

Karl Urban: Love, love, love him.  Anything he is in I will watch.  He is suppose to be in a new show on Fox, Almost Human.  Can’t wait for that!


The Hemsworth Brothers: That’s it.  I just wanted you to read that and let it sink in.  Now observe.

                        tumblr_m8x50h4Smk1r2psvzo6_250 tumblr_mnhbxwgyaP1ssh0p7o1_250 

Here are some notable mentions that almost received my true declaration of love.

Lee Pace: Adorable.

Chris Pine: He is… damn.  He might have to be relocated to the above list.

Eric Church: He is badass.

Daniel Craig: Blue eyes.  British.  The end.

Dean O’Gorman: Probably my second favorite guy from New Zealand. Caught my eye in the Hobbit (remember this is judge free zone lol)

Jude Law: Blue eyes.  The Holiday is, hands down, my favorite movie with him. And Sherlock Holmes.

Bradley Cooper: Blue eyes. This is a reoccurring theme.

And, for some reason Benedict Cumberbatch.  Looks, meh.  Voice… damn.  That must be it.  The super low British accent.  Like a weird, younger version of Alan Rickman.  I feel like I am going to get so much crap for this one.


Also I would like to show a little love fir Hot Dad… some of you may know who he is 😉

And a little shout out to you Walking Dead fans… what’s not to love?



So go out there and tell that someone you love them. Or just stare at them, like I do haha… not awkward at all. ❤


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