June 10th: National Iced Tea Day


A nice, cold, tall glass of Iced Tea screams summer time! All iced teas! Sweet Tea! Peach Tea! Raspberry Tea! Arnold Palmer! Hell, I will just take the entire Arizona Tea selection.

Since it is Iced Tea day, has anyone ever noticed when you go to McDonald’s and ask for a sweet tea, it’s never of the same consistent quality?  One time it could be delicious and perfect.  The next you are all like… umm, where is the sweet part? This is legit bitter, brown water. I’m never getting it again.  But the next time you go, maybe… just maybe. It is always a 50/50 chance of it being good.  I seem to never learn, though.  Sweet tea is addicting, and even if the sugar is missing.

One of the best sweet teas that I have had so far in my young life was when I was down in Alabama for spring break working with Habitat for Humanity.  We drank it like water.  And before we left that week, our van stopped at Walmart and literally bought a cart full, I know we bought over 10 jugs.  It was soooo good, omg.  And then that summer when my family did our round trip of the South and we stopped in Florence, Alabama, I walked into that Walmart like I owned the place and bought more.


Another great tea that I remember having was at Olive Garden.  It’s the peach raspberry iced tea.  Like raspberry iced tea… with frozen peach slices in it!  What?! Amazingly brilliant!!!

Grab an ice cold glass, sit on the porch, and people watch… or play a car game, which is surprisingly really fun and competitive.


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