June 11th: National Hug Holiday


Ha! Now after all my research in finding holidays, the one thing I found… people like to celebrate food, beer, and hugging a lot of people or animals. This week is actually Hug week… well that would be an awkward week.  I don’t believe in handshakes or waving.  I hug it out…

Adam Lavin saying -I hugged you in my mind!

Recently Kimberly sent me a text of something she saw on pinterest.  I was feeling a little pissed because I wanted to take my mom to see the new Star Trek, but when we got there and waited in line for ten minutes we found out it was sold out.  So I had texted Kimberly in distraught.  And this is one of the things she sent me (the other thing she sent was the Magic Mike boys):


Seriously.  It is definitely something to think about.  Can you even imagine that?  Hahaha talk about awkward.

Ever had to hug someone you didn’t like or have someone you didn’t like hug you???



Yeahhhh… we’ve all been there.

So today hug anyone or everyone! Or anything.


Free Hugs




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