June 13th: National Juggling Day


Happy National Juggling Day!!! Well, who doesn’t love a good juggling act?  That’s one thing I think everyone wishes they could do… if they already can’t.  One time I tried to teach myself how to juggle using the only thing I had around… balled up Play Doh.  It went alright… however I still don’t know how to juggle.


Now if anyone has ever been to the Sterling Renaissance Festival, or any Ren Festival, there usually is a juggling act there.  At the Sterling Festival the group is called London Broil.  These guys are hilarious and put on a great show. Check out some videos from when we were there. (Click on the thumbnails to get to the videos)


Get inspired and grab some balls or pins and get juggling! That sounded a bit awkward.  A word of advice: don’t set anything on fire yet.



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