June 14th: Flag Day & National Family History Day


Happy Flag Day! Wave it proud! Flag Day commemorates the day that the US adopted the flag… however it isn’t a Federal Holiday. We just like to observe this one.  My mom actually was yelled at by an old guy walking by our house one day because one of the really small flags, someone stuck in our garden, was touching the ground.  My mom was like I didn’t even put it there. Ever since then we avoided putting them out there.  We just hang a large one off our porch.  But hey enough about the awesome, patriotic, American Flag; this day also recognizes the Army’s Birthday. Oh hey now! ‘Merica!

It is also Family History Day.  I can sit here and type up a ridiculous amount of random family history, which isn’t all too interesting to the third party, but I won’t.  The one story I will share is one that I heard from my father… not sure if it is exactly true but hey it’s a great one.  Somewhere on my father’s side there was a woman and her name was Kathleen, but she went by Kate, I guess.  Now apparently she ran a cat house (whore house) right here in Utica.  Alright! That makes me kinda question my name… kinda. I mean she obviously had to be badass in order to run a place like that, right.  Ergo, I have a badass name.

A little random tid bit I would like to pass on to you all, if you already haven’t heard of them, would be the videos on youtube Kid History.  It is basically four brothers and their friends acting out their past as it is being told by their kids. They are hilarious. Check them out please!!!

Today is also Quotations Day. So I will leave you with this… “Shit happens when you party naked.” Johnathan Hillstrand of Deadliest Catch


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