June 16th: National Fudge Day


Mmm… fudge.  Happy National Fudge Day!  Grab a piece of fudge, any kind, and savor its AWESOMENESS!

For me, fudge means the Candy Cottage in Old Forge, NY.  They have all kinds of homemade fudge.  Marshmallow & chocolate swirl, cherry, peanut butter, maple, tiger butter, pecan, cookies ‘n cream, mint chocolate swirl, orange cream, pumpkin.  I will repeat that… pumpkin.  This place is amazing. They have homemade fudge, truffles, and a variety of candy concoctions; like chocolate covered pretzels, giant peanut butter cups, chocolate bark, and a mint smoothie square.  Honestly, this place has everything candy related.  Do you remember those dots of candy that were like glued to paper, and no matter how you ate them you still ate the paper?  Yeah they have those, and GIANT ones! I really can’t begin to describe how awesome this place is, like so far I haven’t even done it justice.  Every year my family stops up there.

Recently we ventured up there, and I couldn’t decide what I wanted. So the owner was trying to suggest things to me, while his fudge cutters were watching us, and everything he suggested I’ve actually already tried once.  He was like jeez! Hahaha what can I say? Loyal dedicated fan right here.  Lol

Well, if you aren’t a fudge person, which makes me think you have no soul, then celebrate the other holiday.  Grab some your most hillbilly friends or venture down to Kentucky or North Carolina and show off your vocal talents for National Hollerin’ Contest Day.

It might be a great stress reliever… just yellin’ at the top of your lungs for very long periods of time.  It might even help prefect your Big Foot/Sasquatch call.  Good luck! Just don’t start the Hollerin’ contest at night… in the woods.  That shit might get crazy.


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