June 17th: National Eat Your Veggies Day


Listen to your mom today and eat your vegetables.  If you don’t…


Growing up I think the only veggies I ate were potatoes, corn, and spinach.

Potatoes were, are, and always will be delicious in any form. Especially with corn.


The only reason why I ate spinach was because Popeye did.  And Popeye was awesome… with his anchor tattoo on his incredibly ripped forearms, which I think might be unhealthy.  But I was a kid and he was a badass sailor with a pipe, so who was I to argue?  Still to this day I eat spinach… only the Popeye brand too. Devotion.

Now I eat tons of veggies. My favorite is the Normandy blend of veggies that mi madre buys. Delicious.  Go on down to your local farmers’ market or what not and get some veggies and eat it up!



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