June 18: National Go Fishing Day


Happy National Go Fishing Day!!!

“Got any Aces?” Go fish…

Since I am saving the whole actual fishing for another day on my quest for the Acipenser Oxyrinchus (Atlantic Sturgeon, which is a ginormous fish), I thought my other favorite fishing pastime is obviously cards.

“Got any threes?” Yes…

It’s the first card game we all learn and probably the only game that you will always remember the rules for. However I really have no idea where the game name or game concept came from. If, by any chance, you know please feel free to share! I’ve looked in multiple places and Wikipedia surprisingly didn’t have a lot.

“Got any tens?” Yes…

Go fish was one of those games similar to rummy that we would always try to get as many points as possible before going out.  These games lasted longer that was necessary.  Rummy would always go down to the last card and either Kimberly or I were forced to go out.

“Got any fives?” Go fish…

This game was always an essential game to play while chillin’ in the wilderness for a week every summer.  Rainy days called for card games, friendly family gambling, and coloring books.

“Got any sevens?” Yes…

Boomdeyada!tumblr_mnzd799VxY1ral3yko1_250 I’m out bitches!


K bye



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