June 19th: National Eat an Oreo Day


Happy National Eat an Oreo Day! It is also National Martini Day buuuuttttt I am not into Gin.  And it is also National Sauntering Day… to saunter is to take a leisurely stroll or to stroll with leisure (which I must saunter all the time), and I didn’t know how to portray that in a picture.  So therefore I was going to do National Eat an Oreo Day, because it’s Oreos! C’mon! Hell yeah I would take a day out of my super busy scheduled life to eat an Oreo!


Oreo’s were first developed and marketed in 1912 out of New York City. And it was sold by the pound… like $0.30 a lb. Hot damn!  The original design on the cookie was a wreath with Oreo in the center.  I didn’t really realize the design was sort of a wreath with the Nabisco logo included in it until literally just now.  I just thought it was a random design, but on closer examination… it is a wreath lol.  As for the actual name Oreo, there isn’t a definite story in which the name was derived from… so that is kind of a mystery.  According to a website, I apologize I forgot which one, it is believed that the name Oreo is derived from the French word for gold, mainly because the original packaging was god. Interesting.   Also the Oreo name has been changed a few times… and not for nothing, it seemed to get longer every time. Oreo Biscuit. Oreo Sandwich. Oreo Creme Sandwich.  Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie. Yeahhh… can you imagine? “Can I get a pound of the Double Stuffed Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie?”  That’s a mouthful…


Oreo’s are awesome in every sense. You literally can make anything with them. At B&F we have an Oreo Sundae, Milkshake, and Razzle. I think anything that has Oreos in it, is probably the most popular candy topping we have here. I need to make a cupcake with an Oreo baked at the bottom… mmmm!  Also, you can search Oreo on Pinterest and the list is endless.

Here are some awesome Recipes that you should check out!

Double Stuf Oreo Martini

Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches

Oreo Truffles

And this is what I call “I’ve Died and Gone to Heaven” Fried Oreos!

So get classy, friends, and pour milk in a martini glass… and eat an Oreo… while sauntering.


Nothing says classy more…






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