June 20th: National Bald Eagle Day


Happy National American Eagle Day! KAW! ‘Merica! Yeah!


Back in 1982, Ronald Reagan declared June 20th National Bald Eagle day (aka American Eagle Day) and the year of 1982 The Bicentennial Year of the American Bald Eagle. This day brings recognition to the protection of the Bald Eagle.

Just recently, the Bald Eagles were taken off the endangered and threatened species list.

Did you know…?

-The Bald Eagle’s wing span can reach up to 8 feet

-Females are usually larger than the males

-They have about 7,000 feathers (who counts these things?!)

-Eagles can lift up to four pounds while flying

-The Bald Eagle mates for life

-Bald Eagles are fantastic swimmers… proof…

download (1)

A few years ago, I had never seen a Bald Eagle in the wild. I don’t even remember if I saw one in the zoo.  I only saw them mainly in books because I was really into birds when I was younger, like I have a bunch of bird and field guide books.  I loved them. Well, I literally saw three Bald Eagles in a span of 6 months.  The first one was flying over Oswego, and I instantly called my Granny to tell her all about it.  The second and third ones were on our New Year’s trip that we do, that year it was the Catskills. We were going around this huge reservoir after we stopped in the middle of the road to get a picture, and as we get around the bend I scream “STOP!” And my mom was like what!? I scream that there was an Eagle sitting back there. So we turn around and there sitting on a dead tree branch was the most beautiful Eagle. Honestly, to this day I am in awe over it. We named him Donovan. He was just sitting there looking all amazing and majestic. And he was even more majestic when he took off… because I got too close.  And probably because we were snapping a crap load of pics. So he was like “peace out… I must go, my people need me…”  The third Eagle was when we were on our way home and we just got through Cooperstown.  I was watching the half frozen over river go by and I see one just sitting on the very edge of the ice looking into the water. Once again we turned around and got a picture, but we were like Oh my gosh! Seriously!

Another great story from camp a two years ago.  We were fishing one night off the dock in the back, and I got a small rock bass. However, he swallowed the hook and we had to rip it out. Therefore leaving the fish to die. He was trying to swim back down, then he would float back up to the top, and so on. I was kinda heart broken. The next morning, it was raining like you wouldn’t believe. There was a Loon out on the lake so we ran out to get a better look. We looked over to the beach, and sitting on a buoy was a Bald Eagle. We ran back to get our cameras and when we came out he took flight and flew across Fourth Lake. Me, standing on the end of the dock in the pouring rain, just pointing to it going “Ahhhhhh!!!!! Oooooooo!!!!!” Then realization hit us, if it wasn’t for the poor fish I killed, we never would have seen this Majestic-ness.

It’s also National Vanilla Milkshake Day!!! Which, coincidentally, falls on a Thursday… meaning it is Milkshake Thursday at B&F! Milkshakes are marked down to $2.50!


Basically, today, appreciate the Bald Eagles’ awesomeness, and treat yourself to a Vanilla Milkshake!!!

If I were to come back as some sort of animal or what not… I would definitely want to be a Bald Eagle. Badass.


But just my luck, this is what would happen…

tumblr_mo6js3LK3G1suv14fo1_500Week 7, they still think I am one of them…

Here’s a few random photos







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