June 22nd: National Stupid Guy Thing Day


Alright.  Unfortunately, I do not have a collection of pictures for this one that are my own.  I would have felt like such a creeper taking pictures of guys. However, do not fear, I have a list of the things.  So, Happy National Stupid Guy Thing Day!  Apparently there is a day that women compose a list of things that guys do that are stupid… then they pass it on.  So I asked a few of my girlfriends for their input and I put together a little list.

In no particular order:
Wearing high socks with sandals. Like any kind of sandals.


Being over confident and excited about sports when they are obviously not that great.


Wearing cut off work out shirts.

Farting in front of us.

Burping in our faces.


Baggy pants and Timbs. “Sir, your crotch fell.”

Acting differently towards us around their guy friends.


When they are eating and their food is literally all over their face and they chew with their mouth open. “Sir, your cow is hanging out of your mouth and dripping onto your shirt.”

Calling us babe or what not, when we are clearly not interested.

Spitting. What exactly is the point of this?


Chew. Ew. You expect us to kiss you after that shit has been in your mouth?

Why do you find it necessary to punch your friend’s balls unexpectedly?

 “When they constantly are rubbing or itching their balls or whatever they do down there” in front of us. Do you realize you do this?

Wanting to fight other guys in a bar… for no reason… just to look tough. You look stupid.


They won’t drink alcoholic beverages that make them appear less masculine.


Here is video from Jenna Marbles. Things Girls Don’t Understand About Boys

I would have to say bravo to those guys who have no shame what so ever ordering rainbow sprinkles. My hat is off to you.  Every time I take an order and a guy orders a cone with sprinkles and I ask rainbow or chocolate, I get three different reactions: (1) “Chocolate” and acting offended, (2) “Rainbow” and they giggle to themselves, (3) “Fuck yeah Rainbow!”

I wish there was a stupid girl thing day… that would be a great list.  Ladies, enjoy today to voice your thoughts on how many stupid things guys do.


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