June 26th: National Handshake Day


Happy National Handshake Day!!! Today is a day to either stay classic with the handshake or get funky and creative. Personally I like creative and funky. My favorite, and it is my sister’s and I handshake, the Back Draft. Which is featured in the sequence above. Slap hands, fist bump, EXPLOSION! while drifting back, then forceful fist bump again, and one last explosion. It is simple and badass.

I always found handshakes a bit awkward. Especially after getting my degree in the business field.  You are almost judged by your handshake.  You have to prefect it.  You don’t want to be too loose because then you look vulnerable, but you don’t want to Hulk grip it either.  It is kind of a tedious thing.  What if you go in for a nice strong handshake and this person like gives you a dainty handshake you are left thinking… ummm did that make me seem, like, too butch?


Enough with formalities, let’s rocket-ship-fisherman-back-hand-fist-bump-bro-tap this greeting up!


Then there is that complicated situation of “Do I shake your hand or noooo?” when someone introduces you to someone else. Instead I’m all like “Hey.” Or how about when you aren’t sure if you should shake their hand or give them a hug?


Now I shall share some pretty awesome handshakes/fails. The first, Kimberly and I doing the one from Parent Trap. bloggif_51ca2eb548973

Some pretty awesome ones…





Then the rest are some fails…

tumblr_mnqy2wXqHm1qdlh1io1_250 dealing_with_awkward_situations_like_a_boss_15

anigif_enhanced-buzz-11604-1367520325-2   tumblr_inline_mnxs4zDSoX1qz4rgpanigif_enhanced-buzz-15379-1367520646-3

So get creative with your handshakes today. If people question you, then obviously their handshakes are the dead fish. Just sayin.


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