June 28th: National Paul Bunyan Day


Happy National Paul Bunyan Day! Yes, yes there is a day dedicated to the folklore of Paul Bunyan. Well with biceps, beard, and ax like that… I’d say it is a holiday worth celebrating. One of the most popular, awesome, and badass lumberjack around, Paul Bunyan folk lore has been around before the 1900’s and has been featured in pop culture.  Don’t you remember the 1995 Disney film Tall Tale: The Unbelievable Adventures of Pecos Bill??? The blue ox? Pecos Bill lassoing a tornado?



Honestly, growing up the only thing I knew about Paul Bunyan was that he was a ginormous man with an ax… and his statue stood at the front of Enchanted Forest: Water Safari! Where the fun never stops! Dun dun! But seriously, after reading some of the Paul Bunyan Myths, it doesn’t make much sense to me. He is basically a fictional character that has a bunch of stories based around him. Like, according to folklore, the Grand Canyon was carved out by Paul Bunyan dragging his ax. And the Great Lakes were made by him because Babe the Blue Ox needed a big enough watering hole. The 10,000 lakes of Minnesota were created by Paul’s and Babe’s footprints, according to another story. Can you imagine? This giant monstrosity of a man walking aimlessly through the wilderness of Minnesota with a huge blue ox with a bell? This is actually how I would imagine Paul Bunyan…


So read some tales about his awesome lumberjack-ness, or watch the movie, or if you are located near one of the Paul Bunyan statues, go take your picture!


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