June 29th: National Camera Day


Happy National Camera Day!!! Today we celebrate just how important the camera is to our culture.  The camera is one of the greatest developments in history and it has had the one of the greatest impacts on how we document.

The ‘first’ camera type was developed in China in the 5th century B.C. The camera was further developed in the 1600’s. But the first camera to create a permanent photograph wasn’t invented until 1826. And now look where the camera is. Over a hundred and eighty years later the camera has grown so much, video and photograph film. We have cameras that can take high definition photos and they rest right inside a small cellphone. We also have video cameras that can help create 3D moving pictures.


Can you imagine if we never had the camera? We would still be drawing to portray events in records. Who doesn’t love cameras? Back in the day you would have to sit perfectly still for a while. Now you can be running and jumping and shit. Also, nowadays even I can pretend I’m an amazing photographer with my digital camera (which is obscure now) and my smartphone. Especially my smartphone. They have apps for making your pictures look artistic and professional.
Check it out, a daisy that I took a pic of in Old Forge…. now watch.


Crazy, huh? Just by simply using an app! Hallelujah, Jesus, I’m an artistic photographer!


Then you have the times when you take pictures of yourself for you social media profile. Say, Facebook!



Or you go on trips, and if you are anything like me… you take pictures of EVERYTHING! “Over here you have the Queen’s royal gardens…” *snap snap snap* “Oh hey look a pigeon walking in the  flowers!” *snap snap* “And the squirrel!” *snap snap*. Mostly random shit, that you usually find it hard to explain to people when showing them how awesome your trip was. Like this squirrel… you never would have known he was a New York City, Bronx squirrel.


Pictures are essential for a majority of us to understand things and convey points… or stories and experiences… like you wouldn’t believe me if I hadn’t taken a picture of it. My family never would have believed that I saw a live squirrel in the Bronx…

So either look back on some photos or grab your camera (if you are awesomely ‘old school’) or your cell phone and get snappin’!!!!



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