June 30th: National Meteor Day


Happy National Meteor Day! Good luck trying to watch for some tonight if you are here in the Mohawk Valley, since it seems like Mother Nature loves to give us showers a lot lately. However, you won’t be seeing any meteor showers.  The next meteor shower, the Delta Aquarid, isn’t until July 30th, which will expect to have a least 10 meteors per hour.  But the Perseid meteor shower, August 11-13, is expected to have about 50 per hour! So check those out then!

Meteor showers are due to Earth passing through particle clouds left by comets and the left over particles entering our atmosphere.


The best place to be when watching a meteor shower would be up at camp in the Adirondacks. A few summers ago we were up on Fourth Lake at the end of July, the night of the Delta Aquarid, and we sat out in our Adirondack chairs on the lake until almost one that morning. Just seeing a few every now and then. That was awesome. Completely cut off from everything and everyone. No interference.

I do remember waking up really, really, really early when I was younger and watching a meteor shower in the front window that overlooked Utica. Despite the city lights the meteors were not hard to see. I could have watched them all day long if I had the chance. They were everywhere. I think it was the Geminid meteor shower in December.

It is also social media day! Relatively new and not a national holiday. But hey, we use social media every day! Maybe take some pictures of a meteor and post it on facebook or wherever (then you get camera day, meteor day, and social media day all in one… kill three birds with one stone… damn that’s a deadly stone).


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