July 1st: National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day


Happy National Creative Ice Cream Day! And Happy National Ice Cream Month!!!! Now today should be a day of experimentation!!!

While I was at work yesterday, I was combining a bunch of our soft flavors together. One was the chocolate ice cream with orange flavoring. It was interesting. At some points it tasted like those chocolate covered orange jellies. Then I tried peanut butter mixed with grape. It was a great idea… but it wasn’t executed well. The grape was overpowering. However, I started thinking, grape ice cream with peanut butter topping… something to look into. The last one that I tried was mixing blueberry and lemon, mainly because I’ve had blueberry muffins with a lemon glaze before and it was delicious! OMG! Upon tasting this concoction… this was my reaction…


This sparked a conversation full of creating ice cream flavors with some of my co-workers. We worked on the blueberry and lemon. A crisp lemon ice cream with the lemon zest with either lemon cake or crust chunks and then a thick blueberry swirl.  I don’t even know if this exists but if it does someone needs to ship me a few tons… thanks.  We started thinking about breakfast foods. Bacon. Maple syrup. Maplenut Bacon ice cream. On further research, it exists! But then I found another bacon ice cream made with whiskey… sign me up!

Bacon Ice CreamCandied Bacon Ice Cream

A great sundae that we created was the mini pie crust bowl with french vanilla ice cream with pumpkin pie swirl and a dollop of whipped cream. With this one you can substitute the pumpkin and replace it with whatever is in season! This will be a great seller, I believe, in our future ice cream shop.

Another suggestion was beef jerky with vanilla ice cream. I mean if bacon goes well why can’t beef jerky? What about fried Oreos and ice cream? I think anything will literally go with ice cream. When presented with the challenge of coming up with an interesting ice cream flavor, it is extremely difficult! So many things come to mind but how to put them together! The biggest pros are Ben & Jerry. They have the greatest ice cream combinations. From classic simple flavors to some pretty crazy awesome ones. They are my heroes. They actually have a pretty cool project going on now, check out the video here and then visit the website here!

I would like to know what it would take to be a taste tester or a flavor creator (Flavor Guru at Ben & Jerry’s is also what it is known as haha… imagine that on a resume).

So get creative today while ordering your ice cream! Load it up and be crazy! Have no shame or regrets 🙂


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