July 2nd: World UFO Day


Happy World UFO Day! There have been countless movies and films, songs, books, and whatnot made revolving around the possibility of aliens existing. But today it is a World wide event to watch the skies for any sign of unusual movement, whether you believe or not…


I remember one Christmas, while Kimberly was shoveling at night and I was lying in the snow watching the sky, I saw the craziest thing.  I saw three moving lights, in a line next to each other. I thought that they were probably satellites or a plane. However, the one in the middle stayed in a straight course, but the two on each side began weaving back and forth and crossing each other. I watched in amazement until it looked like they exited the atmosphere. Like most planes you can see for a while, but these guys literally disappeared from view before they normally would, so they had to be much higher than normal. It was crazy.


I think the first alien movie I saw was Mars Attacks, my mom always watched it when it was on TV. I remember when Signs came out and my mom and sister wanted to see it but I was too scared. I think it was one of the first times they left me home alone, I watched the baseball game instead. It took me so many years to finally watch it and now it is one of my favorite movies. Ha! When I first saw the alien, my reaction was the same as Joanquin Phoenix’s. And then when Simon Pegg and Nick Frost came out in a new film called Paul… omg! Haha loved it. Some of the most followed shows or movies are about extraterrestrials: Star Wars, Star Trek, X-Files.  One thing I have to say about Star Trek, the newest one: If that’s where we are in 2233 and every single one of those gorgeous men were in Star Fleet… I’m joining.

So keep an eye out if the skies are clear.





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