July 3rd: National Stay Out of the Sun Day


Happy Stay Out of the Sun Day!!! Today is a day to give yourself and your skin a break from the sun and the summer heat.  However, it won’t be too hard here in the Mohawk Valley because of all the rain and clouds we have been having. It would be nice if we had some sun today! I guess that today is a sociably acceptable day to hang out inside and play video games and such.

The reason behind this holiday is because skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the US.  If you do venture outside today, remember the sunblock, even if you are in the shade. I’ve sat under a tree once at a family BBQ, and well the tops of my legs were sooo sunburned. All I could say was “But I was under a tree!”.


So, do yourself a favor and put some sunblock on, it won’t take you that long. You wouldn’t want to end up like these people… because we have all been there and know what it feels like.

sunburn-pictures-dumpaday-4 sunburn-pictures-dumpaday-21sunburn-pictures-dumpaday-1

Just take it easy. Remember that your skin has feelings too, so give it a well deserved break.



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