July 8th: National Video Game Day


Happy National Video Game Day!!! Video games… let’s face it, the outdoors, fresh air, and nature is awesome and I absolutely love it, but video games are pretty awesome too. Personally I love some popular classics, you know before the 3D and there was just the A & B button. I’m talking Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros, Blades of Steele, Contra, and then Sega’s Sonic. I still have these consoles and love playing them.

Let’s take a moment, though, to discuss the original and 3rd Mario Bros (no one likes the second one).


Things that are awesome about Mario Bros original:

-C’mon it came with Duck Hunt!

-Everything was simple but amazing

-The fireworks and the flagpole


-The first time you got firepower


Things that are awesome about Mario Bros 3:

-It’s way better than the 2nd

-Luigi (Can you tell I was the youngest?)


-What’s this leaf? Oh! That’s cute, he’s a raccoon thing. WHAT!? He can FLY?!!!!

-Those hidden whistles


-The music

-The fun versus games that are way more fun than the actual game: Damn those crabs get angry when you bump them! And boy does that blue fly thing jump far! Oh shit! A fireball!

-The hidden coin worlds


-The scary mean sun

-The extra games like matching cards and the mushroom houses


-The ghosts who are creepers

-The ships

-The different Kings

-Mario never learns that Peach is never in the castles but he gets some pretty cool shit from her even though she is being held captive


-The 8th World…. Hahaha just kidding! No one even makes it there. And those who do, already stocked up on lives because they are prepared to die… a lot.

Cool things about Sonic:

-He’s a hedgehog

-The Casino Zone


Now don’t get me wrong, I also like the newer games… but they aren’t new anymore lol. Like Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (Omg! I was obsessed with this game… hell yes I can maneuver a car going 211 mph), Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and LOTR: TT. Need for Speed, Crash, and Spyro I knew all the controls and I was badass at them. But LOTR was one of the games where I just pushed random buttons and really hoped for the best. I would be amazed when Aragorn would do some awesome swift sword moves.

I love video games. They always bring me back, you know? So maybe take an hour to play a few games or dust off that old gameboy and go at it.

PS. It is also Kevin Bacon’s Bday!!!!!!! Whatttt!!!!! He’s gonna be 55! Now let’s admire the man… and maybe you should play 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Happy Birthday Kevin!



You know you wanna watch the commercial! HERE!



2 thoughts on “July 8th: National Video Game Day

  1. I LOVE this post!!! I remember when Nintendo was the best unit out there. Thanks for the memories 🙂

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