July 9th: National Sugar Cookie Day

Happy National Sugar Cookie Day! One of America’s favorite cookies!!! Created by German settlers in Pennsylvania, these cookies have evolved and been recreated since the 1700’s.  The original recipe only called for flour, butter, vanilla, eggs, baking powder and sugar.  Now you can add different flavorings and colors! And obviously they are the ideal cookie to cut into different fun and shapes! Sugar cookies are usually very popular around Christmas time.

I love my sugar cookies. They are sooooo good! I’ve perfected them, it’s an art.  However, I’m not gonna share my recipe lol. But I will share some pretty awesome ones. I think one of the good and addicting sugar cookies that I’ve had was probably the Lofthouse Sugar Cookies. Gosh they are delicious. I’ve tried to recreate them but have failed. People get so creative with their decorating on sugar cookies. Like it makes me jealous because I can have a great vision of what my cookies will look like but then they just look like a blob of randomness.

Perfect Every Time Foolproof Sugar Cookies

Beehive Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizza

Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizza

World’s Very Best Ever Sugar Cookies

Apple Spice Sugar Cookies

Then again there are also the Pillsbury sugar cookie dough that we all know and love. I personally like homemade better though. I would definitely like to try this out!

Swirled Sugar Cookies

Boom! Can you imagine?

Did you know that the largest sugar cookie ever recorded was  measured at 40,000 lbs and a diameter of 102 feet? Apparently that recipe called for about 12,200 lbs of flour! Hot damn!

Get your decorating and baking on today! Make a few and share with maybe your co-workers or family. Happy eating!


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