July 12th: National Cow Appreciation Day


Happy Cow Appreciation Day!!! A day to show some lovin’ to an animal we enjoy completely. Sometimes they seem to just kind of blend into the scenery and we don’t put too much thought into them. Unless you are like me… then it’s kinda like “Hey look! Cow!” And the cow all be like…


Some fun random cow facts that you might use in a normal conversation:

-The most popular breed of dairy cows are the Holstein (the black and white ones)

-Cows are milked, on average, for 3-5 years

Dairy cows produce about 90% of the World’s milk

-Cows actually only have one stomach not 4… they have 4 digestive compartments

-Cows can produce in one day up to:

          >64 quarts of milk or,

          >14 lbs of cheese or,

          >5 gallons of ice cream or,

          >6 lbs of butter

-Did you know that it takes up to 340 squirts of milk to fill a milk pail?

-Almost every family had its own cow up until the 1850’s

-It takes about 12 lbs of whole milk to make a gallon of ice cream… oh snap! We go through sooo many gallons of ice cream in a day!

-A calf doesn’t become a cow until it has its first born, then it is considered a full grown cow

-Cows almost have a 360 degree panoramic view

I’d like to give a shout out and big thanks to cows for the ongoing awesome work on producing cream for ice cream. And for the milk, without it my cereal would be dull and it would be impossible to eat an Oreo.  Also I love cheese… sooo carry on. Not to be completely disrespectful, but I love hamburgers, steak, pot roast, and roast beef sandwiches.

A funny story about cows.  On one of our random trips, we were headed southeast past a few farms. There I was sitting in the back seat minding my own business when we start to pass a farm up on a hill with a bunch of cows. I began to scream “EW!!!” and my mom yells at me for yelling. Well I think I have reason to yell because I had just witnessed a cow beginning to mount another cow… and that’s where my narration will end.

So go appreciate a cow today! Drink milk, or eat ice cream, or eat cheese!


Hahahah the cow in the background


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