July 13th: National Embrace Your Geekness Day


Happy National Embrace Your Geekness Day!!!  I will gladly admit that I am a “Geek” or at least a part time geek lol. But everyone is a geek whether they admit it or not.

Things that I enjoy and will talk to anyone about:

-Harry Potter: I read every book, have every movie, went to a majority of the midnight premiers and it is the only reason I will go to Orlando, Florida. I’ve tried to make Butterbeer but failed. I tend to quote it on a daily basis too. We even woke up early for seven days straight to get in the Beta group for Pottermore… WolfsbaneLumos102 woot woot!!!! You know that’s right. I’m in Ravenclaw!

-Video Games: as explained in the July 8th post.

-Online Games: I have a pogo account… yeah and I play games.

-Lord of the Rings: I have all the movies… extended editions! Of course! I have not read the books though. I quote this movie like it’s my job too… even the extras too. “It’s Bean, he’s put me boat in the wrong direction.” In my theater class, Senior year of high school, we had to prepare a monologue for our final. I chose the opening scene of the Fellowship and rocked it… accent and all.  I also have a chess set and Monopoly Middle Earth.

-When Star Trek came out in 2009 I watched it and fell in love. Then I went out and watched all the older movies and some of the shows. And I love the new one that just came out even more!

-I’ve watched Firefly and Serenity.

-I watch BBC’s Sherlock.

-I miss my Roller coaster Tycoon.

-The Avengers.

-The Walking Dead: does this even count? Everyone loves this show!

-The Hobbit: I was soooo excited when Peter Jackson decided to finally do it.

Maybe try to be yourself today! Be the geek that you are!

Well said Simon, well said.


2 thoughts on “July 13th: National Embrace Your Geekness Day

  1. roller coaster tycoon!!!!! you can buy it now on the apple store (don’t want to spend $30 on it though…). Also, I would highly recommend you read the Lord of the Rings books. I read them in 8th grade before watching the movies in high school. They are tough to get through but incredible and totally worth it if you ever have the time. I am reading the Silmarillion right now. It is a nerd bible.

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