July 15th: National Gummi Worm Day


Happy National Gummi Worm Day!!! Gummy worms were created in 1981, but 60 years prior to that the Gummy Bears were developed. The word “gummi” actually mean “rubber” in German. There are sooooo many types of gummy worms out there and multiple ways to eat them! The sour gummy worms, the original, the ginormous one that weighs 3 lbs. Pretty sure I would die if I ate it, it would just sit there. Ugh! hahaha but it is still pretty darn cool. And they are $30! Here

Apparently there is a way to make your own jelly worms… but I found it on pinterest and I’m not entirely sure if it works. So, if you have tried it and it does work let me know! lol They would be awesome for a haunted house.

Now of course there is a alcoholic beverage for them! I mean I’ve had the Gummy Bear Martini and it was mad good.

Gummy Worm Martini

Another way to eat gummy worms with alcohol is by soaking them in vodka for a while then serving them. I hear the drunk gummy bears are really good.  Another beverage is the Gummy Worm Soda

gummy worm soda recipe from cherryteacakes.com

By now you should know that I love cupcakes. So obviously with any kind of cupcake it can be altered for the Gummy Worms! Just do chocolate frosting, finely ground Oreos, and then you stick some worms on those babies and they are set to go! Especially for a Halloween or spring party!

At B&F we have a dirt sundae that is chocolate graham crackers and gummy worms with ice cream. Pretty good. Probably better with Oreo topping though.


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