July 16th: National Ice Cream Sundae Day


Happy National Ice Cream Sundae Day!!! And what a perfect day to have one! It is suppose to be about 90 degrees today! Hello Summer!!!

Now the origins of the sundae is actually a difficult one. Wisconsin, Illinois, and New York all have documented accounts of first creating the ice cream sundae. It is a big country and I doubt only one person came up with this amazing creation that is a huge favorite today.

In Two Rivers, Wisconsin, they have a plaque with the story on it.

File:Wisconsin Historical Marker ice cream sundae.jpg

Also in Evanston, Illinois, in 1890 there was a law passed which prohibited ice cream sodas from being sold. So, a local fountain decided to create a dish that still served ice cream but with the soda on it.

Then there is documentation from 1892 in the Ithaca Daily Journal of an advertisement for a strawberry sundae.


Wherever the location of the first sundae… it is still delicious! There are countless amounts of different types of sundaes. A true official sundae actually starts with toppings at the bottom, then two or so scoops of ice cream, more toppings, then whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry. Sundaes can include just about anything! Fruit, syrup, candy, or like brownies, graham crackers, Oreos, cookies… the list really does go on!

Sundays at B&F are actually Sundae Sunday, where we have discounted sundaes. Some specialty sundaes that we have at B&F include: the Brownie Sundae, Turtle Sundae, Oreo Sundae, Smore Sundae, Strawberry Shortcake Sundae, and a Waffle Cone Sundae… and we are currently in the works on a new sundae. So stay tuned for that!

Sundaes are all about being creative and crazy! You can create any kind of sundae you want. I love when people come and get like really creative. Example: Hot fudge, peanut butter, marshmallow, Reese’s Pieces, whipped cream, cherry, and chocolate sprinkles. Or when they throw like gummy worms or Kit-Kat or Heath Bar on there. You can put anything you want on a sundae! So go create your sundae at home tonight or head down to your favorite ice cream shop!


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