July 22nd: National Hammock Day


Happy National Hammock Day!!! Now I wasn’t going to do this day, but then I thought “but I love hammocks. I wonder where they came from.” It was kind of one of those random curious thoughts like “where does the word drawers come from for like dressers? Who even invented drawers?!” And upon further research of the hammock, once again I was found interested.

Hammocks were used by Native Americans in Central and South America.  The word ‘hammock’ come from a Haitian word meaning ‘fish net’. First made of bark then fiber, the hammocks provided protection from disease, insects, snakes, and animals.  The Spanish colonists brought back the idea to Europe.  It wasn’t until 1597 that they were adopted by the Royal Navy in their ships, which provided more comfortable sleeping. The hammock actually was very prominent in the military.

The hammock was also used a form of leisurely relaxation for the wealth in the 1880’s. In 1889 in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, the first known mass producer of hammocks is known.

Now hammocks are used for camping, backyard lounging, and of course that iconic Caribbean picturesque lounging.

A pretty interesting fact that I read about hammocks was from a Swiss research team. They concluded the the reason why the hammock has survived this long with the general population is due to the scientific fact that the hammock’s motion synchronizes with the brain waves and therefore allowing people to fall asleep faster and deeper.

The idea of a hammock was always awesome for me. But then trying to get in one… it’s like one of those thoughts that half way through you are like “bad idea”. They were always hell to get into and out. I felt like I could almost die every time I got in and out of one. It was terrifying. But pleasant when I finally managed to get in it.


Hammocks also provide entertainment…

Get rid of the Monday blues by relaxing in the hammock today. Continue to celebrate summer with maybe a drink or a book and relax.

That’s more like it. The Adirondacks ❤

I want.


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