July 23rd: National Vanilla Ice Cream Day


Happy Vanilla Ice Cream Day!!! Yes! Another ice cream holiday! Well it is summer and it is National Ice Cream Month!!! Vanilla is THE number 1 flavor in the States. Vanilla is probably my favorite flavor if it came to the battle of vanilla or chocolate (where twist is not offered lol). Vanilla ice cream doesn’t just mean delicious heaven, Baskin’ Robbins did a study of the correlation between your favorite flavor of ice cream and your personality. Vanilla means that you are impulsive, an idealist, and an easily suggestible person. Check. Check. And check. Yup, pretty much. Weird.  What does your favorite flavor say about you?

Vanilla ice cream, kinda is the basis of all other ice cream flavors. For us at work, we use vanilla ice cream to make every flavored soft serve… so vanilla is kinda important and a big deal.

Vanilla is a refreshing sweet flavor. Whenever I don’t know what I want at work… it’s usually because I want vanilla smothered in rainbow sprinkles.

Wellllll!!!! Today is also National Hot Dog Day!!! Everyone craves them and thinks they are delicious with all sorts of toppings… but always regret them afterwards. Heartburn, man, heartburn. Plus, no one wants to know what’s in them. Like bologna. Don’t ruin my childhood people. So you can look up the history and interesting facts if you want… I’m afraid I will find something I don’t want to lol. I can say that I have yet to attend a baseball game where I haven’t eaten one. GET YOUR HOT DOG HEEEEEYAAHHHH!!!!! It has been estimated that American eat roughly 20 billion hot dogs a year… that’s a lot of franks… and a lot of Tums.

It is also Gorgeous Granny Day too!!!! And of course I can’t let that one slip on by without a shout out to the beautiful woman whom I love dearly. My Granny is definitely a Gorgeous Granny! She is the President of their club!!!!! Woot!

My Granny’s and I traditional kiss goodbye. God I love her! ❤

What I have concluded about this badass day is (if you live in the Mohawk Valley) today is basically take your Granny to Voss’ Day. Get a hot dog and vanilla ice cream with your stylin’ granny and enjoy the summer weather!!!!


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