July 29th: National Chicken Wing Day


Happy National Chicken Wing Day! This has to be the best day ever declared a holiday, which was back in 1977 by Buffalo, New York Mayor Stan Makowski. Well Stan… thank you, thank you very very very much. Chicken wings originally were just scraps that were used in stock or thrown away. The story of how Buffalo chicken wings came about goes like so:

In 1964, the son of the owners of the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York had requested one night of his mother to prepare his hungry friends something delicious. She came back with these scraps that were fried and covered in a special sauce. They were such a big hit that people began requesting them just to see what they were about. And there you go, the Buffalo Chicken Wing was on the market. However, they didn’t gain national recognition until a Super Bowl in the 1990’s.

In 2002, the first chicken wing festival was held in Buffalo. Do you remember the movie Osmosis Jones? Yeah well, Bill Murray’s character actually inspired the creation of this festival. The festival is happenin’ August 31-September 1. Almost 200 restaurants in the Buffalo area have participated and drew over 407,000 people to the event, since 2002. Also over 2.4 million wings were consumed altogether… hot damn!

If you don’t want to wait that long, you could always head down to the nearest Hooters restaurant and participate in their chicken wing challenge.


Now chicken wings are prepared in a variety of different ways. However, there are three main ways to prepare the wings.


-Hot wings: Un-breaded, deep fried and covered in a vinegar and cayenne pepper sauce

-Buffalo chicken wings: almost the same as hot wings except butter is added and they are served and eaten with celery and blue cheese dressing

Now wings are boneless, made into dips, or dressed up in other spices. Also you can make chicken wing pizza, which is amazing! The one day in school that kids would literally get violent for on the way to or in line at lunch. It’s pizza day, bitches!!!! No skips allowed, sorry bro.

Hahah the look friends give each other when the line monitors are next to them so they can’t skip.

Personally, I like the good ol’ fashioned chicken wings from our favorite pizza place, Trios, located in New York Mills. I could literally eat them alllllll day long.

Exactly how I feel.

Did you know that there is such thing as the National Chicken Wing Council? And that they publish a wing report annually? Yeahhh, how do you get on that council? Philadelphia holds a Wing Bowl every year right before the Super Bowl. In 2012, a man ate 337 wings to win the Bowl. The Bowl has three rounds, and this past 2013 was won with 211 wings eaten.

Everyday is a great day for chicken wings, but today is an exceptional day. Grab your favorite place’s wings or make chicken wing pizza.


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