July 31st: National Uncommon Instruments AwarenessDay


Happy National Uncommon Instruments Awareness Day!!! You’re probably thinking like the didgeridoo, right? Although awesome… no. Today, I thought, should basically inform you (if you don’t already know) about the extremely popular show that takes instruments to a whole new level.  From brooms, to newspapers, to plungers, STOMP! has been gracing this world with its comedic musical talents since 1991.

STOMP is an off-Broadway musical comedy with no words and no traditional instruments.  With a cast of usually eight, they perform dance and percussion routines.  The show was created Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas in Brighton, England. They decided to collaborate after ten years of performing in a street band together and then took their act to the stage. They previewed at London’s Bloomsbury Theatre and then premiered at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburg.

From there, STOMP performed in China, Ireland, Australia, Spain, and England.  And in 1994 they opened at the Orpheum Theatre in NYC.  In 1997 they had an HBO special, STOMP OUT LOUD (which we totally watched in music class, twice) and they earned four Emmy nominations.

The 2000’s brought about tons of celebrations for the show. They began their run in London’s West End Vaudeville Theatre (where we saw them!) and London’s New Ambassadors Theatre. In 2004 they celebrated their 10th anniversary in NYC. The 2nd Avenue at 8th Street was renamed STOMP Avenue. Two years later they celebrated their 5000th performance and launched a new show called Pandemonium: Lost and Found Orchestra, where they make their own instruments and form a large symphony.

Today they are still a global phenomenon with permanent locations in London and NYC and international tours in Australia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Europe, the UK, and the US.  They have also won many awards such as: “Best Choreography in a West End Show”, “Most Unique Theatre Experience”, and Theatre Production of the Year (1999 & 2000).

This has to be by far my favorite show on stage.  Any show that can make a musical routine out of a box of match sticks or Zippo lighters are AMAZING!

Check out some videos on youtube! You will be addicted and must watch all the videos!

STOMP Live Brooms

STOMP Live Match sticks

STOMP Live Little Brooms & Hosepipes

STOMP Live Hands vs Feet

STOMP Live Newspapers (my favorite!)

STOMP Live Big Stomp

STOMP Live Funny


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