August 3rd: National Watermelon Day


Happy National Watermelon Day!!! The perfect summer fruit out there! Did you know that watermelons are rumored to have originated in Africa?  There are records of watermelons in ancient Egypt… crazy. And French explorers found them being grown by Native Americans in the Mississippi Valley in the 16th century… crazier.  Watermelons aren’t really in the genus of melons either… even crazier.  And watermelons are the state vegetable of Oklahoma.

Watermelons consist of 92% water. And also 6% natural sugar. Which is probably why it is delicious. You know how in Farmville there were the square watermelons? Don’t say no, you totally played it. Well, they really exist. In Japan, farmers force them to grow in a tempered glass box, making them form into a square. They fit the refrigerator better too.

Watermelon flavors are pretty good too. But nothing beats the real thing. We have watermelon flavored soft serve ice cream at B&F and it has been a pretty good seller this year.

The world’s largest watermelon ever grown was in 2005, weighing 268.8 lbs. It is the Guinness World record right now.

Watermelons are also super cool to carve like pumpkins. There are contests all over and they are always a great party display! Check it out!

What would this day be without some watermelon recipes for the summer!?

Watermelon Cheesecake

Watermelon Cake… I can’t find the recipe for this but I would assume you cut off the ends then carve around to get the rind off. Then cover in either whipped cream or the fluff and cream cheese dip. Then add desired topping. Omg I want that so bad right now.

Watermelon Cupcake Cones on

Watermelon Cupcake Cones

Watermelon Margaritas

Homemade Watermelon Vodka

Homemade Watermelon Vodka (uuummmm YES!)

So I guess it is watermelon time!!!! Channel your inner child and just dive in and eat a slice. Just don’t swallow a seed… or the Rugrats and Ms. Frizzle and her class will have to take the Magic School Bus to retrieve it so a watermelon won’t grow in your stomach. So just don’t.

Jolly eating 🙂


“If you’re ever down in Georgia around about July
If yoy ain’t in a hurry then you aoughta stop by
I can guarantee that you’re gonna have a ball
Learnin how to do the watermelon crawl”
Tracy Byrd


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