August 5th: National… umm

Okay guys, I seriously thought that today was National Mustard Day or International Beer Day. But apparently August 2nd was Beer day and August 3rd was Mustard day… but I missed them!!!! And do you think I can find an alternative holiday? Nope.

Even though it isn’t those days, I will like to say that if you haven’t tried Jack Daniel’s Hickory Smoke, you really should. It was probably the best mustard I’ve ever had. When we went to the distillery last summer and we saw that they made mustard, we were like OMG we must have this! And boy was it worth it.

So I will inform you guys that the month of August is National Peach Month and National Goat Cheese Month… I like peaches better though.

I found these sooo yeah try them out… they look interesting.

Princess Peach Pink Cupcakes

If anyone knows of a random holiday today, let me know!!!! I’m very interested!


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