August 9th: National Kool-Aid Day


Happy National Kool-Aid Day!!!! Ohhh Yeeeahhhhhhhh!!!! It really is a day just about the flavored, sugary drink.  Every childhood had Kool-Aid in it. Although it probably kick started diabetes. It was DELICIOUS though!!! It gives me heart burn now… sad face. I hate growing up.

Kool-Aid was invented by Edwin Perkins in Hastings, Nebraska. It started off as Fruit Smack and was in liquid form, however he had to cut down on costs. So he reduced it down to a powdered form and then Kool-Aid was born. He moved the business to Chicago and then it was acquired by General Foods and that’s when the Kool-Aid Man became the Kool-Aid mascot. Kool-Aid Days is celebrated always in the second weekend of August in Nebraska.

It started with 6 flavors, and now there are so many! It is crazy. Whenever I made Kool-Aid, no matter how careful I was, it always got on my hands and stayed there forever. It did give you major phlegm though. Every kid was excited when they had the Kool-Aid Bursts in their lunch. And every kid needed that last drop, which always resided in the twisty cap thingy that looked like wings.

Didn’t they, at one time, have like faces on the bottles?

Kool-Aid as a child was a thing of dreams… or nightmares…

So join in with the people of Nebraska, and drink some Kool-Aid! OHHH YEAAAAHHHHHHH!



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