August 12th: National Vinyl Record Day


Happy National Vinyl Record Day!!! Today is a day about celebrating and preserving the sounds and culture of the vinyl record. They always make me happy whenever listening to them.

The history of the vinyl record is a very long and detailed one. It ranges from the evolution of the gramophone to the vinyl LPs we have today. Artists today are still recording on vinyl records.

I started “collecting” some vinyls my freshman year in college, and I only have maybe over 30, but that’s including the Glenn Miller 6 record collection. However, my turntable is sadly broken. I need to replace the belt… only Emerson made it completely impossible to take the turntable off so I can reattach the belt. So that will be interesting when I get the belts. I really want to listen to some of my Dean Martin records or my new Frank Sinatra record. Haha or maybe the Glenn Miller collection that I have not been able to listen to yet since I got it 3 years ago haha.

This is what heaven looks like… slightly. It is just missing ice cream, alcohol, men, and movies.

So, even though it is Monday, try getting some people together and throwing a retro party or something! Or rock the Monday blues with some soulful throwbacks. Dust off the ol’ turntable and get rockin today!

Idk what model all y’all have sooo I put both of them up here lol

Hahahaha these just made my day…


One thought on “August 12th: National Vinyl Record Day

  1. I remember watching the vinyl section at Tower Records get smaller and smaller, until one day, it just disappeared, and I hadn’t surrendered to CDs yet. The last unused vinyl record I ever bought was Paula Abdul’s “Forever Your Girl.”

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