August 14th: National Creamsicle Day


Happy National Creamsicle Day! Ice cream season is still in full swing, and today celebrate one of the most popular Popsicles out there! The Creamsicle!!!! Made of a creamy vanilla ice cream center and a fruity coating, creamsicles are most commonly made with an orange juice flavor coating.

Frank Epperson is widely recognized as the inventor of the popsicle. Having left a soda mixture outside in the winter one night with a string in it, and then found it frozen the next morning calling it the “Eppsicle”. That was in 1905, and in 1925 he sold the patented Eppsicle, which the name was changed to Popsicle by then, to a company in New York. From there the frozen treat gained traction and popularity soared. Today, well over hundreds of millions of creamsicles are consumed in the United States alone each year.


Creamsicles, to me, are the perfect summer treat. It has the combination of fruity sherbet and and creamy ice cream. But I also think that it is the perfect treat all year long. Like when you are sick of winter and just want the summer months to be here already, creamsicles tend to take care of that crave.

At B&F right now we have the Dole orange and vanilla twist! It is soooo good! For those who are unsure of what Dole ice cream is, it is basically lactose free ice cream. It is made with a water base, and it kind of has a sherbet texture to it. But the twist is always the best!


creamsicle cupcakes

Creamsicle Cupcakes

Ohhhh yessss….. alcohol 🙂


Enjoy today by making your own creamsicle concoctions; be it cupcakes, fudge, ice cream, or alcohol.


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