August 17th: National Foul Ball Day


Happy Foul Ball Day!!! A baseball holiday that involves a great past time and can possibly be dangerous lol. For the most part, we all love baseball. And the prospect of catching a foul ball at a professional game is extremely alluring. When Kimberly and I went to our first Yankee game at the new stadium, we sat, I think, like 7th row or something in right field. So we were in a section that foul balls kinda tended to bee-line for sometimes. Well, we sat next to this really big guy who told us that he has been to a lot of Yankee games in his life and he as yet to catch a ball. And then he proceeded to tell us that he would punch his mother to catch a foul ball. So not only were we scared that we might get hit by one… but we might also be killed by this guy. So that was terrifying.

Another time, this was in Toronto at a Yankees-Blue Jays game, we sat right above the net behind home plate. Didn’t think too much of it. Until I almost got clocked in the head by a very fast moving foul ball. The foul balls that pop up behind home plate are traveling at a very very very high speed. I ducked fast and it hit behind us. That was another thing that made me dislike Toronto. That place is crazy.

Now admit it, sometimes you contemplate bringing your trusty baseball glove to games. I know I did… but I was like 20.  Haha but if I did… this would be me…

Now let’s take some time to appreciate some great moments in foul ball history. Yes I know all of these are not foul ball clips… but they are still funny.




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