August 23rd: Singin’ In The Rain Day


Happy Singin’ in the Rain Day!!! The reason why today is Singin’ In The Rain Day is because it is Gene Kelly’s birthday and since he kinda was the star of the movie and created amazing choreographed scenes, today should be rightfully named Singin’ In The Rain Day.

Now the famous scene from the movie where he is actually dancing in the rain has a famous story to go along with it. Apparently, Gene Kelly had a fever over 100 and was able to perform the sequence perfectly.

If you are sheltered, here is the link!

Another great dance scene. Moses Supposes

And here is my favorite scene from this movie.  Good Morning

A few random facts. The script was written after the songs. For the famous rain scene, it wasn’t actually rain. It was a watered down milk because the camera wouldn’t pick up the water. Although it is considered one of the best musicals of all time, the only awards the film had connection to was supporting actress and score.

Because I love the Spanish language and tend to speak a bit Spanglish, myself, I looked up a few years ago how to say Singin’ In The Rain in Spanish. Cantando bajo la lluvia. And every time I say it… I sound like a voice narrator for a Spanish soap opera. It is actually hard not to sound like on.

I especially dedicate this day to my sister, because I know how much she LOVES Gene Kelly… ehem *sarcasm*

I had to get one last one in 🙂 love ya!

Well if it is raining where you are don’t let that put a damper on your day! Go out and remember your childhood of splashing around! Don’t mind those people across the street watching you.


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