August 25th: National Banana Split Day


Happy National Banana Split Day!!!! The original epic sundae. The banana split has a very controversial history. The debate is between two towns; Latrobe, Pennsylvania and Wilmington, Ohio.

Latrobe’s story is that a young pharmacist made a triple scoop banana ice cream sundae in 1904. However, three years later in Wilmington, Ohio a restaurant owner held a competition among his employees to develop a sundae that would attract customers in the harsh winter they were having. Ernest Hazard developed a sundae that became the famous banana split. It called for three scoops of ice cream with a split banana on the sides then a shot of chocolate syrup, strawberry jam, and pineapple bits, all topped with whipped cream and cherries. Now every year in June, Wilmington hold a banana split festival to commemorate their role in ice cream history.

Banana splits are a lot of fun to make at work. But it is a bit of a pain to order. I always feel like I am interrogating a customer when I have to ask all these questions for a banana split. Hard or soft ice cream? Nuts? The regular toppings of strawberry, chocolate, and pineapple? By the last question the customer is bobbing their head with you haha

So go out and celebrate today by making your own banana split at home or go order one! If you don’t get a banana with your split… I apologize. It wouldn’t be the first time we forgot to add that…


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