September 5th: National Cheese Pizza Day


Happy National Cheese Pizza Day!!!! There is nothing better than pizza. I believe that this could quite possibly be the holiday to trump all other holidays. That’s it, I’m done. There can’t be another holiday as great as this day!!!!  Alright maybe not… there is Talk Like a Pirate Day and Cheese Ball Day… so THIS is definitely in the top five.

What can I say about the history of pizza? It’s long. The earliest form of pizza dates back to the late 990 AD. But, pizza didn’t make an appearance in the United States until the late 1800’s when Italian immigrants brought it over with them.


Now, pizza is a very touchy subject with some people. Why, you ask? Because some will like the cheese on the top, others like thin crusts, or greasy pizza, or *gasp* the sauce on top. For the record… it is not upside down pizza. upside down pizza suggests that the pizza fell on the floor with the crust facing upwards. Which is emotions known to most people as despair, misery, and heartache. So, no. It is not upside down pizza. But it is exceptionally delicious.


Different regions or cities of the US have a certain style of pizza. New York, Chicago, California, Midwest, St. Louis, and New Heaven. All very “different” variations of pizza. Deep dish, thin crust, three cheese, one cheese… double cheese! Which is fabulous. Then there is a type of pizza that baffles cheese lovers’ minds. It is called, Tomato Pie. A thick pizza crust and a tomato sauce. And maybe a bit of Parmesan cheese. That’s it. Now a few cities claim that they are the first to sell such a delicious cuisine. But ladies and gentlemen, I am from Utica, New York and… well, everyone knows that we hold a serious claim to the name! Sorry, Tenton, NJ, Providence, RI, and Philadelphia. You each have significant roles in the history of our country… let us have the tomato pie. K, thanks.

Usually when we have a get together with some friends and everyone is like let’s get pizza!

I’m usually like…

Mainly because I am really hoping they are like where is the best place? And I can be like Trios… let’s do Trios.

Each person, per year, eats approximately 46 slices of pizza.

Mozzarella cheese accounts for 80% of all pizza sales in the US.

The world’s largest pizza weighed 26,883 pounds.

So, honor this day but eating one of the world’s finest cuisines. I did… for breakfast. Because nothing is better than left over cold pizza in the morning.

And I shall leave you with a brief message from Nicholas Cage…



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