September 10th: National TV Dinner Day


Happy National TV Dinner Day!!!! Some can say that TV dinners date back to the 1920’s, however due to mass production, TV weren’t sold nationally until the 1950’s.

In the 1920’s a man by the name of Clarence Birdseye developed a process in which he could package food and then flash-freeze it. Swanson was the brand to popularize and commercialize the TV dinner at home. Since it was a pre-made meal and easy to prepare, it made it a convenient alternative. The first TV dinner was Thanksgiving dinner. And the aluminum tray was replaced by a microwavable plastic in 1986.

Now, TV dinners come in all different varieties.

So my mom was away this past week, so I saw that chance to relive my college life and childhood. Which meant that I can eat a TV dinner and not be judged. So Kimberly and I got those Kid Cuisines and nuked that crap out of it. Actually, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I remember getting these all the time when I was younger.

So go ahead and ruin that diet and go for the classic TV dinner. Or just get like a Lean Cuisine.


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