Hello, my name is Kathleen and I plan on celebrating a holiday every single day for the next year. Not just ordinary holidays, I did research and picked the ones that seemed funny or weird. I based my future daily holiday decisions on whether I could document them with photos or not; since this idea began as a simple Intagram challenge for myself.  So I hope y’all enjoy this as much as I will… which, let’s face it, I will.

How it all began. I was standing in work on a fine early May afternoon with my sister and I had a sudden idea. I looked at my sister and exclaimed that I should take a picture of a holiday every single day for a year and post it on Instagram. There has to be something that is celebrated every day, right? Oh boy was I right. I started looking up bizarre holidays and there were some crazy holidays and I instantly knew I was going to have to do this just because people wouldn’t expect anything less from me. Haha! I thought that it would be a great challenge and so I have accepted it.  So I have this blog to write a few random things about the days’ events and what not. Now if you are going to read this, I am not into grammar perfection. I write the way I speak, and I ain’t gonna change that. I am a pretty random person and I might share a few awkward stories if the occasion reminds me of it.

So, starting June 1, 2013 I will begin this quest and look forward to sharing these holidays with all y’all.

Feel free to contact me or leave some comments to let me know what you think! And here is the link to my Intagram: http://instagram.com/kag417


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