August 27th: National Banana Lovers Day

BANANAS!!!! I love my bananas.


Every year at B&F I collect banana stickers. Mainly Chiquita, just because they are hilarious… and awesome. I always put them on the brim of my hat so my hat is usually covered with stickers by the end of the season. And last year we all had t-shirts made, and we got nicknames on the back. Mine was Chiquita ❤

Bananas go fabulous with any kind of ice cream! Scratch that, don’t eat it with the creme de minthe.

Fun BA-NA-Na Stuff:

The banana tree, isn’t a tree at all. In fact it is the largest flowering herbaceous plant. This plant grows, flowers, then dies down to ground level. The following year it regrows.  And the banana is a berry.

You would think that the bananas grew downward instead. Lol

Clusters of bananas are considered hands, and the single bananas are considered fingers.

Bananas are full of potassium. Like Potassium-40, which is radioactive. Who knew that something that is radioactive could be so tasty.

Bananas are considered the four largest agricultural product because over 100 billion bananas are consumed a year.

minions <3 | via Tumblr

Americans eat more bananas then any other kind of fruit. But the Ugandans have the highest consumption rate, with over 500 lbs per person per year. Americans consume an average of 26.2 lbs.

Bananas have an acid which aids the body in creating serotonin which is a chemical that can make you happy. Depressed? Eat a banana. In those Snicker commercials, it should be a banana.  Hahaha


The Cavendish Banana is the most commercially sold banana.

There is a Banana Beer that is sold in Eastern Africa.

The brown spots on the banana as it ripens are actually sugar pockets that develop from starch. That’s why the really brown bananas are always good for banana breads!


It is said that by rubbing the inside of a banana peel on a mosquito bite or poison ivy, it helps alleviate the swelling and itching.

There over 1000 different types of bananas, but few are edible.

The easiest way to peel a banana is actually from what we consider the bottom. You just pinch and peel. It’s how the monkeys with their opposable thumbs do it!

Thanks to Gwen Stefani, I will always know how to spell bananas. And yes, I sing the song in my head whenever I write it down.

So make your favorite banana recipe today or go buy a some and eat to your hearts content, bananas have no fat! Just be careful of that potassium.


August 26th: National Dog Day


Happy National Dog Day!!!! This was such a hard day to narrow down my pictures. I have soooo many of my Bobo where he is being too freaking adorable that it was impossible. So today I will celebrate this amazing character I have in my life today.

Our first dog was Midnite. I loved her. But we had to move and dogs weren’t allowed. I’m pretty sure she got adopted because we were at the Herkimer Diamond Mines and this dog looked exactly like her, just older.She saw us and walked right up to us and tried like hugging our legs and such. I was having a heart attack the entire time because I couldn’t believe it. We didn’t speak to the owner though, so we will never know.

Now how we got Bodie. My mom said she would never get a dog. But something changed her mind. I was away at college, senior year, so my mom and sister were home. I was video chatting with Kimberly and then my mom pops in and I start talking to her. She goes “What would you say if I ever got a dog?” And I was like “Ma, it’s your decision…” Ma then goes “What about one that looks like this one…?” and then Kimberly pops in the frame holding this small little black and white fur ball with big brown eyes.

Video call snapshot 32

I just about screamed! He was too adorable. I couldn’t believe that she actually did it!!! We had three cats, but one had just passed away so now we were down to two animals. So obviously a dog would fit nicely. That was almost two years ago.

Bodie turns two next month. He is a miniature Australian Shepard and he has no tail. So when he sits on the couch his hind legs are kinda moving a round to keep his balance on his butt. His butt is a completely different story. When he comes running to us when we come home, he can’t control his butt from wagging so fast that literally his butt almost smacks his head. He loves everyone. When we go for walks, he will watch people and wait for them to look at him and say hi before he runs over to them to be petted.

He is a smart little cookie too. You know how the rawhide bones are all twisted and folded up? Well he went upstairs to my mom while she was working and whipped his head so he threw his bone at her. She was like, seriously. Then she picked up the bone and started unfolding it. Bobo was sitting there watching every move she made. She gave it back to him and he disappeared. Five minutes later he comes back with another one, and throws it at her. Again, she was like seriously?! And she unfolded it, and gave it back. Pretty sure he did it one more time. By then, Ma was like oh my god! He is smart.


Bobo and Ma kayaking ❤

He loves playing hide and seek with my sister. She would throw his ball, and he would chase it then she would hide. So he would come running back in and drop his ball then start looking for her. After he finds her, he jumps all around and then brings her the ball to do it again.

He really is a character. And I love him to death. He brings a smile to my face everyday. If you guys follow me on intagram, I usually have many many pictures of him posted haha. So show some love to your dog or any dog for that matter. Volunteer at a humane society and maybe walk them!!!! Or take your dog for ice cream 🙂

WARNING! I may have spent the better half of my night looking for these… so don’t judge me. Hahahah dogs are so funny.

Basically Bobo’s reaction whenever we ask that question.





Visit the National Dog Day website now!!!!

August 25th: National Banana Split Day


Happy National Banana Split Day!!!! The original epic sundae. The banana split has a very controversial history. The debate is between two towns; Latrobe, Pennsylvania and Wilmington, Ohio.

Latrobe’s story is that a young pharmacist made a triple scoop banana ice cream sundae in 1904. However, three years later in Wilmington, Ohio a restaurant owner held a competition among his employees to develop a sundae that would attract customers in the harsh winter they were having. Ernest Hazard developed a sundae that became the famous banana split. It called for three scoops of ice cream with a split banana on the sides then a shot of chocolate syrup, strawberry jam, and pineapple bits, all topped with whipped cream and cherries. Now every year in June, Wilmington hold a banana split festival to commemorate their role in ice cream history.

Banana splits are a lot of fun to make at work. But it is a bit of a pain to order. I always feel like I am interrogating a customer when I have to ask all these questions for a banana split. Hard or soft ice cream? Nuts? The regular toppings of strawberry, chocolate, and pineapple? By the last question the customer is bobbing their head with you haha

So go out and celebrate today by making your own banana split at home or go order one! If you don’t get a banana with your split… I apologize. It wouldn’t be the first time we forgot to add that…

August 24th: National Waffle Day


Happy National Waffle Day! My fellow Americans, today, I would like all of you to take a moment and appreciate the awesomeness and deliciousness of waffles. Not really a pastry but not really a pancake and not really bread. Waffles will never disappoint you, so why should you disappoint them? So love yourself some waffles today!!!!

Now for some waffle humor…


August 23rd: Singin’ In The Rain Day


Happy Singin’ in the Rain Day!!! The reason why today is Singin’ In The Rain Day is because it is Gene Kelly’s birthday and since he kinda was the star of the movie and created amazing choreographed scenes, today should be rightfully named Singin’ In The Rain Day.

Now the famous scene from the movie where he is actually dancing in the rain has a famous story to go along with it. Apparently, Gene Kelly had a fever over 100 and was able to perform the sequence perfectly.

If you are sheltered, here is the link!

Another great dance scene. Moses Supposes

And here is my favorite scene from this movie.  Good Morning

A few random facts. The script was written after the songs. For the famous rain scene, it wasn’t actually rain. It was a watered down milk because the camera wouldn’t pick up the water. Although it is considered one of the best musicals of all time, the only awards the film had connection to was supporting actress and score.

Because I love the Spanish language and tend to speak a bit Spanglish, myself, I looked up a few years ago how to say Singin’ In The Rain in Spanish. Cantando bajo la lluvia. And every time I say it… I sound like a voice narrator for a Spanish soap opera. It is actually hard not to sound like on.

I especially dedicate this day to my sister, because I know how much she LOVES Gene Kelly… ehem *sarcasm*

I had to get one last one in 🙂 love ya!

Well if it is raining where you are don’t let that put a damper on your day! Go out and remember your childhood of splashing around! Don’t mind those people across the street watching you.

August 22nd: National Eat a Peach Day


“Ever been to Rome, Georgia, picked peaches off the tree?”

Happy National Eat a Peach Day!!! What a great way to celebrate Peach Month. I have actually been to Rome, Georgia… but we bought our peaches from Wal-Mart… because we didn’t have time to stay long and find another place. They were the best peaches I’ve ever had. Super juicy. And the perfect sweetness. Mmm…

Now, if you have read my previous posts, then you know that I LOVE peach flavored everything. The one thing I loved when I worked at Bath & Body Works was all of the peach scented things. Especially the candles. But aside from the amazing aroma of peaches, the taste is enjoyed in many many many ways. You know I love my ice cream, but here are other ways to enjoy this amazing fruit.

peach sorbet

Peach Sorbet

Cathlin's Peach Cupcakes with Peach Buttercream

Cathlin’s Peach Cupcakes with Peach Buttercream 

Peach Salsa

Peach Salsa

Peach-Mango SorbetGinger-Peach Sorbet

Peach-Mango Sorbet & Ginger-Peach Sorbet

Skinny-Peaches-and-Cream-Milkshake 3

Skinny Peaches & Cream Milkshake

Raspberry Peach Iced Tea

Peach Bellini

And who can forget, the most essential of all peach consuming…

Peach Cobbler

Peach Cobbler

Whether you like them fresh, canned, or baked, today you should just eat one… somehow.

August 20th: National Bad Hair Day


Happy National Bad Hair Day!!!! Wasn’t I cute? Dad cut my hair… back in the day. This is probably one of my favorite pictures from my childhood. My amazing mullet.

Today is a day to say, “Hey it is okay to have a day where your hair just does what it wants…” Just silently we are judging you lol. Just kidding… maybe. Have you ever had such a bad hair day that you just couldn’t do anything and be seen by anyone?

Bad Hair Day


Bad Hair Day

bad hair day?

Bad hair day!

Bad hair day?

Hahahahhahahah best day ever!

Bad hair day?

For me the best solution to a bad hair day is a messy bun… but then you have those days when the messy bun is even like “No.”

Story of my life

And I shall, today, leave you with this…